Monday, August 15, 2011

Megan got a new puppy!

While visiting my soon-to-be in-laws in NE Georgia, I ended up getting a dog! My fiance and I were in the process of moving from Vermont back down to South FL but had stopped to visit his parents in Georgia for a week. His mom's friend invited us to go hiking with her. When we showed up she had a pretty black/brown dog with her. She explained that she goes to the local Humane Society and is allowed to take a dog out for a week to give it a break from the shelter and to let it stretch its legs. After the hike she told me that she had to bring the dog back in 2 days. I thought about it pretty quickly and told her that I really wanted to adopt her. This was strange for me since I hadn't really wanted another dog before that point. I just had this feeling that she was meant to be my dog. Without further Shadow!

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