Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review: Lipsmackin' Backpackin' by Tim and Christine Conners

I purchased this book as well as the vegetarian sequel recently off of Amazon for our upcoming AT trip. There are some pretty good recipes in here, most of which require a dehydrator. Last week I made one of the vegetarian recipes in which you take a jar of spaghetti sauce and mix it with 1 lb. of frozen veggies, a bell pepper, and some spices. You then puree the sauce and dehydrate it. Just to make sure it would taste as good re-hydrated, I tested it out and it was great and full of vitamins! 2 days ago I tried making one of the vegetarian chili recipes. I used the book's basic recipe but added a lot of my own spices. Sadly, because whole pieces are left in it while it dehydrates, it took too long and the moisture + the heat created mold. I was disappointed since a hot bowl of chili on the trail would be amazing. This wasn't the book's fault however, as I have a very old food dehydrator which doesn't take moisture out as well.

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